SPOT Network Launched

The SPOT network is alive!!

Now that SPOT has launched, you will be able to download the software needed to create your wallet via command line.  You will find links to download the software on our ICO page and a Getting Started guide as well. 

For the computer savvy, the command line tools will be fairly easy to use. In our whitepaper, we project our Graphical User Interface tools for delivery mid 2018.

For those of you who have reached out to us with concerns about being “…new to Crypto…” and “…starting from scratch here. I need help…” Rest assured we are here to help. We realize there is a learning curve with command line tools.

We will have an interim tool available soon and will be seeking beta testers, for those of you uncomfortable with command line, which will make creating your wallet and getting your coins easier.  It  will only be available to those who participated in the ICO.